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Today while riding in the car on the way to work, listening to local radio Spirit of Austin (Spirit 105.9), I heard an amazing song I had heard many times before.

I’m not complaining that I have family, Christian based programming to listen to while on the road and even at work thanks to their live stream on their website at spirit1059.com. Don’t get me wrong, I love Matthew West, but something I realized was I haven’t heard anything new from Addison Road in way too long.

Singing “What Do I Know Of Holy” to myself, I pulled up their website on my phone and my heart broke! I honestly had not known that one of my favorite auditory addictions had broken up.

Following the link to lead singer Jenny Simmon’s blog, which I had followed before on an almost daily basis, I found myself in tears.

Not only had her band broken up, but major Christian Music broadcaster KLove had not picked up her new album. Without the steam from KLove, her debut solo album only sold 5000 copies.

My heart dropped. “Run”, “What Do I Know Of Holy” and “Hope Now” were two of the songs that helped me survive a lot of dark times in my life.

Well, today I am number 5001! Thanks to iTunes I was able to grab a copy of her new album and listened through and found myself sucked back into her beautiful voice and the stories that always touched me as she sang coming alive again.

I took a deep breath and texted my sister. Do you have a non-KLove Christian Station at home? And the answer was yes. WMHR Syracuse.

My mind started to get away from me. I definitely needed something to write about today that was not part of my anxiety/bullying series. I mean, well, I needed a break and something positive to listen to and think about while I chewed my way through the next entry in the series.

My sister has WMHR Syracuse, I have Spirit of Austin. And then I started wondering, who else has a local non-KLove Christian sation?

The answer, of course, is almost everyone!!!

So here I am, looking at Jenny’s Blog and her post about starting a Kick-Starter campaign and thought to myself, what a better way to help her campaign!!

I’m writng this blog entry today, to invite you to read her post ” ” on her blog about the music industry and her attempts to have her book published *and* to share this entry with your local Christian Radio station.

Lets work together to get the word out and maybe our local stations will pick up her story about Addison Road (who I know a lot of people are missing right now) and see if they will share her music.

This is my way of saying thank you to Jenny and her former band, Addison Road, for inspiring me during some of the dark times of my life and encouraging me without even knowing it.

In the wake of the recent storms we have all been facing this spring, her song “The Becoming” may be a rallying cry for those who are beginning to put their lives back together.

So, time to start emailing and facebooking and tweating your favorite local Christian Radio Station!!!! You can even use the template below.

Dear _______

My name is ____and I’ve been listening to your station for quite some time and realized today that there has not been any new Addison Road music played on your station!

After I checked out their website I found that they had split and that their front woman, Jenny Simmons released her first solo project and I didn’t even know it!  Her blog tells us that no one picked up her record and my heart broke!

With the storms that have been ravaging our country, the song “The Becoming” on her album could be a rally cry for those rebuilding their lives.

I ask you to consider picking up her new album and adding it to your play list and sharing her story and this amazing song.  I’m pretty sure that all of us who are voting on would agree!

I’ve even provided you a link to her song, The Becoming on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_JXmKO9Mdbk

I hope to hear this song and others on your station soon!



Dear Jenny,

You are not forgotten!

Thank you for Broken Hallelujah.

Thank you for Becoming!

Thank you for your determination and strength.

Someday, I will read your book!



Guardian Angels on our Shoulders

I’ve been struggling with finalizing my draft of the next post in the anxiety series and found life throwing us a curve ball again.  My husband’s best friend was in an accident around 1 AM this morning.

To give you an idea of why we are convinced his best friend, who we’ll now refer to as Mr. K, had God watching over him is because of where the accident occurred.

Below is a picture of the Mopac 183 exchange in Austin.  For scale, the light posts are 175 ft tall and the ramp is 100 feet up in the air.


Last night, on an overpass much like this one, just as tall, and just as frightening, Mr. K. lost control of his car and struck the side of the overpass.

These marvels of modern day road construction are built in such a way that if you hit the walls, instead of being launched over the sides, your vehicle will roll over.

With a head wound, broken foot, broken shoulder, ribs and crushed lumbar he managed to climb out of his car as it was catching fire.

One surgery down to pin his foot back together, they’ll be taking him in to put his shoulder back together tomorrow.

During the wee hours this morning, those overpasses did exactly what they were supposed to do.  With a care schedule coming together for his family we’ve already dropped off bread and fruit for tomorrows breakfast and are planning to take dinner and snacks.

I’ve done the ‘live in the hospital’ routine before and know that it’s going to be frustrating and scary for awhile, but we’re thankful to our Heavenly Father for watching over him.

There are miracles, I’ve seen another one.