Over time I expect that there will be specific posts on difficult topics that have effected my life and the lives of others that will appear on this blog, written by me, and maybe other contributors and occasionally, maybe more often than not, links to other blogs.

Part of me already knows some of those topics after taking the time out to pray and yes, even fast over them and sometimes the answers are found when I’m praying over them out on the Blogosphere!

While I know that topics like domestic violence, cancer, diabetes, divorce and others are difficult for me, and some far easier, I also know that they are difficult for others as well or they are just great to answer general questions.  It is my intention to make sure that these more difficult topics, which are in many ways confessions from my lips and finger tips about how these things have effected my life, be easier to find for those who find their way here over time.

My goal is to continue to listen to the Spirit and make sure that those posts are easier to find by listing them here as they come about in random alphabetical order by topic.

Conversion of Faith

My Conversion Story – re-posted on a day when it felt like the sky was falling down as a reminder of how far I’ve already come and that this too shall pass.

Mormon Converts – An amazing repository of conversion stories from countless faiths with new conversion stories posted daily.  I’m on their mailing list because sometimes you need that moment that lightens your heart.

The Prophet – or President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


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