What Mormons Think When You Ask…

This blogger was inside of my head and never even knew it.

The Nef Chronicles

Mormons get asked a lot of really weird questions. All my brothers and sisters – you know what I am talking about. Can I get an amen?

LaurenNef-OaklandTemple Oakland Temple

I want to answer them nicely, but sometimes I get kinda fed up.

And I get snarky. Just a little.

Here is how I would love to respond to these commonly-asked, annoying questions.

Are you Christian? I thought you were Mormon.
1: Christianity is not one specific religion.
2: The real name of our church is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Connect the dots.

Mormonism’s a cult, right?
Yeah, because we are completely secretive like that. It’s not like we have tens of thousands of people all around the world that knock on your door to tell you about our religion. And we totally don’t have this website and, you know, this websiteoh, and

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