The world isn’t the only desert, I am!


Scripture Kitty

Scripture Kitty Says, don’t forget me or your Scriptures today!  Well, he’s really not Scripture Kitty, he’s Watson McDoodle Face, but still, today he was a Scripture Kitty.

That said, one of my new favorite songs brought me into focus today with these words:

The world is a desert dry and thirsty
Your love is the answer full of mercy
Give us your eyes to see the hurting
Bring us back to life

– Revival, Soulfire Revolution

This is one of the many songs that have been going over and over and over again on my playlist at work and at home.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made is changing what I’m listening to every day.  Something I realized is that when I’m listening to … junk… that my thoughts are full of junk!  It’s like bad computer code, garbage in, garbage out.

It’s like giving up caffeine.  Both are addicting!  Sure I have my moments when I want to listen to some Dada Life or Beastie Boys, I’m in that age group where I have a very eclectic range of music.

So what does that mean?  It means that like my Diet Coke that I’ve cut out of my daily routine, I’ve been cutting out the music that can influence my thoughts and keep them swinging toward junk.

So today, I’m saying good-bye to LMFAO, DaDa Life, Beastie Boys, Eminem (yes, recovery was amazing.. but…) and so much more.

Hello Spirit of Austin, Spirit 105.9, KLove, The Mormon Channel, and music lists that include artists like Gungor, Casting Crowns, David Crowder, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Crooked Still, News Boys, and Blue Tree to name a few.

Some people may think this is a bit drastic.  I know I was made for so much more than this, and I know that these things, small as they are, are influencing my days and my thoughts.

In the end, I know that it isn’t just the world that is a desert, it’s me!  I’m the desert, dry, weary and exhausted by everyday life.

I can make the decision to change the world I live in and how it effects me.  It’s a scary thought to think that my mood can be so different just by what I’m listening to?

Now if only my Spotify station played commercials that were just as ‘clean’.  Maybe it’s time just to move back to my iPod?

Time for some Mandisa to help kick today into gear!


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